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6 Pretty Painless Steps for Installing (2 of 4 in the Blog Setup Series)

December 23, 2009

An easy step-by-step process how to install on your web hosting server.

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3+ Reasons I Chose Host Gator for Web Hosting

December 18, 2009

Tweet I decided to try Host Gator as my web hosting provider for the following reasons: It was not listed on the site as a recommended host, but it was on Allowing for the likelihood that many of the Host Gator review sites may not be entirely objective, the general buzz about HG […]

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3 Preliminary Steps to Setting up my Blog, in Plain English

December 12, 2009

Tweet A while ago I Googled my name to see what gory, embarrassing details were on public display. There was nothing too surprising – yes, I went to Tulane University; ok, 4 minutes in penalties put me on the goon list in my rec hockey league – until I saw it. The porn site. Someone […]

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