My Writing Philosophy

I suppose if I really thought about it, this post could be “My Huge List of Philosophies” with an unruly collection of stream-of-consciousness ramblings.  But keeping it relevant to this blog….

When I was in university, I used to feel sorry for the professors and teaching assistants who had to read through endless papers and/or exams on the same topics. The boredom and tedium must have been excruciating! (A sympathy, my English professor sister-in-law assures me, was entirely well placed.)

So, to give them a reason for living – even if ever so small – I always tried to throw in a joke, funny story, or interesting non sequitur to make them smile. (There were also the occasions when I wrote fabulously fictitious exam responses on books I never read, but that’s a different story.) This carried into my professional life where “owning” a number of databases allowed liberties with a few practical jokes, and into my MBA where I wrote my “Doing Business in South America” paper as if I were Brazil writing a personals ad on behalf of herself and her friend Argentina. (If you’d like a copy, just post a comment or tweet me @alexasamuels.)

This philosophy of having a bit of fun I intend to inject in this blog.  Whether it’s bringing in some humourous content, or posting links to neat stuff which may have no direct relevance to social media, ecommerce, etc., my intention is to keep things interesting. And fun.

Get ready.

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