My entry for @danzarella #unicornsandrainbows rhyme competition

by Alexa on April 11, 2011

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Dan Zarella, the Social Media Scientist, challenged his readers to create a rhyme about one of his favourite topics: that too many people sell social media as feel-good advice without the scientific grounding.

Dan, I take up your challenge.






“Social media, so warm and fuzzy!”
Sold by the slick (and sometimes scuzzy.)
“It’s a panacea! The holy grail!”
Believe without question, prepare to fail.

Don’t be fooled – there’s real science behind it;
Reach beyond engaging, befriending and blind fit.
Heed @danzarella. As his saying goes:
Stop looking for those *&^)#*$@! #unicornsandrainbows.


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