Am I missing something??

by Alexa on March 10, 2011

While not officially diagnosed, I’m fairly convinced I am susceptible to the occasional migraine (if not a migraine, a wretched nausea-inducing, head-throbbing diabolical headache) brought about through extreme weather changes.

As an early-warning device I subscribed to MediClim, a web site that alerts possible health compromises driven by the weather. Not surprising I just received one today, given the rain warning under which Toronto labours (and it is indeed raining relentlessly):

Alert Message
Your migraine is more likely to be aggravated in the next 24 hours. Please follow your doctor’s advice as closely as possible.

Ok, noted. The email also offered a link to weather alerts for the past 30 days for my area. Curious, I bit. Here’s where I landed:

What's missing on this page?

Sign in to view alerts. Sign in - where?

So I need to sign in to access what I’m looking for.

Do you see a sign-in button? A sign-in link?

Nope, neither do I.

The sign-up link is easy to find. But why not the sign-in for existing subscribers?

Eventually I realized that “MyMediclim” on the top was where I was to sign in.

Obvious? Maybe to others, but not to me.

Why make me work so hard when it could be so easy?

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